14/01/19 - A31 Ride on Roller

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14/01/19 - A09 Forward Tipping Dumper

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21/01/19 - CPCS A17 Telescopic Handler

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24/01/18 - Site safety plus health and safety awareness

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28/01/19 - Site safety plus health and safety awareness

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31/01/18 - SMSTS Site Management Safety Training Scheme

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04/02/19 - A56B Articulated Dump Truck

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04/02/19 - Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme – SSSTS

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05/02/19 - Manual Handling

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05/02/19 - Abrasive Wheels

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06/02/19 - First Aid at Work 3 Day Course

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07/02/19 - Site safety plus health and safety awareness

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11/02/19 - CPCS A59 360 Excavator

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All Courses:
Citb Site safety plus:
One Day Health Safety Awareness
SMSTS & Refreshers
SSSTS & Refreshers
Director’s Role for Health & Safety
Achieving behavioural changes

Health, Safety & Environment Tests
Test for Operatives
Test for managers & professionals
Test for supervisors
Working at heights test
Highways test

City & Guilds
Confined spaces (Low, Medium, High Risks)

Abrasive wheels
Agricultural tractor

MPQC/ Spa Quarry Passport
2 Day course / 1 day refresher course

Face Fit
Abrasive Wheels
Manual Handling
Emergency First Aid at Work
First Aid at Work
Fire Training
Spill Kit
Asbestos Awareness
Scaffold Inspection
Quick Hitch
CAT & Genny
Strimmer and Brushcutter
Chemical Spraying and Weed Control
Working at Heights and Harness
Racking and Shelving
Variety of Plant and Equipment

N001 - Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck
N009 - Rough Terrain Lift Truck
N010 - Telescopic Handler
N017 - Petrol Driven Cut Off Saw
N100 - Excavator as a Crane
N101 - Mobile Crane
N103 - Crawler Crane
N104 - Overhead Crane
N107 - Lorry Loader
N108 - M.E.W.P. Boom
N109 - M.E.W.P. Scissor Lift
N120 - Plant Loader & Securer
N132 - Plant Mover
N133 - Plant Machinery Marshall
N138 - Telescopic Handler - Suspended Loads
N139 - Forward Tipping Mini Dumper
N201 - Excavator 180
N202 - Excavator 360
N203 - Trencher
N204 - Forward Tipping Dumper
N205 - Rear Dump Truck
N206 - Loader/Compressor
N207 - Crusher
N208 - Screener
N209 - Loading Shovel
N212 - Skid Steer Loader
N214 - Road Roller
N215 - Dozer
N219 - Skip Lorries
N224 - Landfill Compactor
N240 - Grader
N301 - Abrasive Wheels
N304 - Cable Avoidance Tools
N401 - Appointed Person (BS7121)
N402 - Slinger/Signaller
N403 - Vehicle Marshall
N404 - Safe Working At Height
N405 - Crane/Lift Supervisor
N601 - Agricultural Tractor
N605 - Strimmer/Brush Cutter
N609 - Winching & Recovery
N702 – Confined Spaces
N704 - Manual Handling
N706 - Mobile Towers
N710 - Cartridge Tool
N711 - Safe Use of Step Ladders and Ladders
N712 - Safety Harness
N722 - Material Re-Handler 360
N723 - Harness and Fall Arrest course
N726 - Quick Hitch Awareness

A09 Forward Tipping Dumper
A10/A12 Excavator 180
A17 Telescopic Handler
A19 Grader
A21/A22 Loading Shovel
A23 Skid Steer Loader
A25/A26/A27 – MEWP – Scissor/Boom/Mast Climber
A31 Ride on Roller
A33 Agricultural Tractor
A34 Crawler – Tractor/Dozer
A36 Lorry Loader
A37 Trencher
A40 Slinger Signaller
A41 Loader Compressor
A42 Crusher
A43 Screener
A49/A50 Loader Securer
A56 Dump Truck Articulated Chassis
A58 Excavator 360 below 10t
A59 Excavator 360 above 10t
A61 Appointed Person
A62 Crane/Lifting Supervisor
A73 Plant and Vehicle Marshaller
A98 Excavator 360 Lifting Operations
A17E Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads

Plant NVQ’s

What our clients say

I would like to thank the team at Hawk for their professionalism in the way their carried out their jobs. It was a pleasure to train with Hawk after a previous seriously bad experience I had with another company. George was an absolute delight in his approach to the training which help me overcome my concerns. He basically had to rebuild my confidence as a plant operator fortunately for me I passed, however with George I would have still been fine if the outcome had have been different. I can see though the team that Hawk have why the company would be successful.

Andrew Davies

Roof & Drives Ltd

Safety and Training Ltd have supported McPhillips ( Wellington ) Ltd for more than ten years, delivering an excellent professional service, training to the very highest of standards. I am sure our partnership will continue for many years to come

Stuart Bishop

SHEQ Manager, McPhillips Ltd

We have been using Hawk for a some years now. Mainly on the Safety and Training side of the business and on the odd occasion we have hired machinery. We have found Hawk very professional and the service very good. We have found the training instructors to be excellent and explain all points of training very well

Timothy Berry

Health and Safety Manager, P.G Skips


Very pleased with the successful training of 10 delegates in August. Excellent courses with a professional service every time

Rhianne Murphy

HR Manager, Built Offsite

I found the test very relaxed, and the tester made all instructions clear to follow. I would recommend any of the workers to come here for their training

David Rhys Jones