Environment Training


Managing your Environmental impact

With global warming and climate change now receiving more media coverage than ever before, organisations are paying closer attention to how their operations impact the environment, and how they themselves are viewed by the public, customers and other stake holders. Safety & Training offer a wide range of environmental training and consultancy services; offering advice, solutions and environmental management training to help you reduce the environmental impact of your operation.

Not only are there expensive legal and clean-up costs associated with accidents that pollute the environment, but companies risk having their brand name and image impacted if they are heavy polluters or seen as being environmentally unfriendly. Businesses can use the adoption of new environmentally-friendly working practices as an advertising tool to boost their corporate image. In addition environmental practices such as the reduction of packaging or reducing energy consumption can lead to substantial cost savings.

Environmental health and safety training

By undertaking environmental health and safety training courses, those attending gain a key understanding of how their actions and business practices affect the environment. They will also have a greater awareness of the potential consequences of failing to adhere to any environmental safety controls, which are there to prevent accidents which could negatively impact the environment.

Workers and managers also need to be aware of all environmental health and safety legislation which affects their organisation and operations. The cost of legal proceedings and fines for failing to prevent an environmental accident have the potential to ruin a company, so environmental health and safety training is crucial to make sure such an accident never occurs.